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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Culture and Technology at Ultimate Software

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, while Trish McFarlane was on assignment, Steve Boese welcomed Adam Rogers, CTO from Ultimate Software to the show. Ultimate is a leading provider of HCM technology that has grown over the years from a few people sharing

We value hard work, but we reward natural talent

Of all the phrases used to describe a candidate or an employee, ‘He/she is a hard worker’ is probably one of the most valued by employers, colleagues, and the people in general. We like people that work hard. We value the effort, the grind, the

Talent Management – Retaining Your Best Employees

Broadly speaking, Employees in every organization shall be classified into FOUR Categories – 1) Low Performers with Low Potential 2) Low Performers with High Potential 3) High Performers with Low Potential 4) High Performers with High Potential 1) Low Performers with Low Potential – These